Tru Nature Yoga and Aviana Yoga are teaming up to bring you Level 1 Aerial Yoga Certification. Led by Holly Johnson, an international yoga instructor and author, blossoms from an extensive background of research, study, and direct experience of therapeutic avenues to balance and mend the relationships between the mind, body, and Spirit.  


Level 1 Aerial Yoga Certification

This program is presented as a 3-day intensive packed with an abundance of information to set you up for success as an aerial yoga instructor.  In order to become certified you will need to complete the following: 

50-Hour Certification Requirements:

  • 25-contact hours completed over the course of a 3-day intensive

  • 25-hours self-study and integration of techniques completed over the course of 4 months following the intensive via 4 training modules that are specifically designed to aid you in the understanding of the material covered in the intensive as well as support you in creating a vision for yourself as an instructor of aerial yoga 


  • Principles of Aviana Aerial Yoga

    • Aligned with the planets, moon, and sun these principles will help you to shine as a powerful instructor of integrity, aiding you in building relationships of trust with your students inviting them to further expand in the space made available by the hammock with your guidance.

  • Principles of Yoga

    • We will touch base on the principles of yoga in order to ensure that as we move forward in our aerial yoga offerings, we maintain the integrity of the practice of yoga in our classes without crossing the line into the 'circus performance' application of the aerial sling.

  • Sequencing of a Body Intelligent Aerial Yoga Class

    • Aviana offers the guidance to understand how to structure a class experience in a way that will flow gracefully from one asana to the next to allow the body to open through the muscular chains that will invite  a deeper connection in order find ease in more challenging asanas.

    Transitions for Elegance and Grace

    • We will focus on the space in between each of the asanas and how to create a class that takes you out of the mind and into the dynamic functional motion of the body because yoga is not just about the pose itself but the connection of poses that move energy.

  • Modifications and Spotting

    • A hands-on approach will be practiced to be able to ensure your confidence in keeping your students safe as they branch into new asanas with the hammock. 

  • Over 60 Aerial Yoga Asanas

    • We will cover many asanas that explore utilizing the hammock for traditional yoga poses as well as the infusion of the traditional aerial sling shapes into a mindful yogic expressions of discovery 

  • 2 Full Class Sequences

    • We will explore two different styles of class sequencing to expand your toolbox of inspiration when creating your own sequencing to serve your class intention.

  • Aromatherapy 101

    • Essential oils offer a wonderful enhancement to any yoga class experience, but when infused with the sensory input of the aerial yoga hammock, it takes a practice to a whole new level.  We will discuss and explore the use of essential oils with your classes to maintain a relationship of respect for the potency of the plants gifts.

  • Chakra Therapy

    • We will touch on the energy centers to bring them to the forefront of the mind while understanding the methodology of sequencing and how to enhance your classes with a deeper meaning and intentional approach.

  • The Business and Industry of Aerial Yoga

    • Aerial yoga is BOOMING in yoga studios and there are many opportunities to be able to share your new knowledge with communities, we will discuss the important things to consider when getting started as an instructor and how you can set yourself up for success.

  • Archetypes of Goddesses

    • Each day of the training we will learn about different archetypes of mythical goddess such a Lakshmi, Kuan Yin, and Sophia which can serve as sources of inspiration and guidance for the creation of classes or for your own personal journey of discovering your divine feminine essence. 

  • Aerial Yoga Niches Available for Specialties

    TruNature Yoga, Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

    July 8th - 10th
    Monday 9 - 6 pm
    Tuesday 9 - 6 pm
    Wednesday 9 - 6 pm

    Early Bird Pricing NOW in effect until May 15th
    Save $100 
    Early Bird Tuition: $1,250 
    A $350 deposit secures your spot for the training, spaces are limited!
    **Payment Plans Available for the remaining balance**

    This Level One does have the opportunity to be paired with the Restorative Aerial Yoga Teacher Training register to receive BOTH for 75 hours of aerial yoga certifications for $1,650 
    Early bird discounts do not apply, a $450 deposit is required to reserve your spot.

    Dates for the Restorative Aerial Yoga Teacher Training:
    July 11th & 12th 

Register for BOTH the Level One Aerial Yoga Teacher Training & the Restorative Aerial Yoga Teacher Training for $1,650 and SAVE $299 on 75 hours of aerial yoga certifications!  
Early bird discounts do not apply

Dates for the Restorative Training: 
July 11th & 12th 


Aroma Silks Restorative Aerial Certification

AromaSilks is Aviana's unique Restorative Aerial Yoga Program that is designed to create an experience that will open the major energy centers also known as the chakra, release stored emotions, and recharge the body as well as the nervous system.
This teacher training will not only serve to aid in an understanding of the practice to share with others, but will also help you discover a new level of balance in your life. 

Aviana proudly offers you a proven and effective curriculum to prepare you with all the skills necessary to provide Restorative Aerial Yoga Classes through this 25-hour Certification Program.


  • Equipment and the Set-up of the Aerial Yoga Hammocks

  • Aromatherapy: Experience a medicine cabinet full of essential oils and how they can be applied in a restorative aerial yoga class to invite emotional healing and support

  • Chakra Therapy: Explore an understanding of the energy centers and how you can support them through the unique AromaSilks program

  • Color and Sound Therapy: Discover why sound healing and color therapy is so beneficial and how to tap into a deeper awareness of these modalities with your class

  • Restorative Aerial Yoga Asanas for Each Chakra: By the completion of the training you will have an entire chakra series class composed to be able to offer your students

  • Understanding Restorative Yoga: What is required for restoration and how can a yoga class provide this to the students via the aerial yoga hammock  

  • Guided Meditations: Practice leading guided meditations and discover resources for meditations to serve your class as well as explore your own creative writing

  • Practice Teaching for Integration: The most important part of any teacher training you are investing in to be sure you are allowed to practice the material you are learning in order to develop a solid foundation with the material 

  • Additional Training Modules: Take all the the information that you learned over the intensive weekend and apply them to the final training modules in order to complete your certification


  •  Chakra Class Sequence

  •  Restorative Aerial Yoga Class Experience 

  •  Sound/Color/Chakra Healing

  •  Guided Meditation

  • The tools to support the empowerment of the creation of your own restorative aerial asana experience

Full Tuition for Restorative Aerial Yoga Teacher Training


Are you ready to enjoy a relaxing weekend of self-healing, learning, and lots of Aviana Aerial Yoga Goddess LOVE?  We are and we are so grateful for you and your attendance.  You have found the place to submit your full tuition for the course!