Reduce stress, improve circulation, reduce pain, eliminate toxins, improve flexibility, improve sleep, enhance immunity, reduce fatigue, alleviate depression and anxiety, reduce post-surgery and post-injury swelling. These are just some of the many benefits of having a massage at Tru Nature.

Tru Massage

Enjoy a 60 minute massage by our licensed massage therapist. A gentle and soothing massage intended to improve circulation, ease tension and create a heightened state of relaxation and promote your true state of inner well~being.

60 Min $95/90 Min $125.00

Tru Hot Stone Massage

Tru Nature's Hot Stone massage helps relax & ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. We use smooth, flat volcanic stones that retain heat to massage the body. Hot stone massage can ease muscle pain & tension, boost immune system, and can help relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

60 min $110/90 Min $140

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure directly on skin, into connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

60 Min $95


Reflexology is a specific pressure technique applied to the feet where all the internal body structures and organs are mapped which, corresponds to different flex points organs of the body and by pressing or working on one of these points the corresponding organ is affected. This treatment can be a stand, alone service, or can be booked with other services as an add on.

30 min$49/ Member Price $42

Couples Massage

Share a loving 60 min relaxing massage with a loved one or friend. Massage can reduce stress and muscle tension, improve circulation, eliminate stiffness and soreness, boost the immune system, reduce pain and even help control one's blood pressure. Couples who strive to practice a healthy lifestyle can enjoy these benefits and more together.

60 Min $ 185

Tru Foot Soak and Reflexology

A special treat for your sore feet. Tru foot soak combines a mixture of reflexology, essential oils, herbs, scrubs, and hot stones that will exfoliate, hydrate, and add relieve to the aches and pains of tired feet.

60 Min $90/ Member Price $76

Tru Body Treatments and Body Rituals

The Tru Body Scrub will refresh and renew your body’s skin. Treatment begins with a body brush cleansing / exfoliation process to slough off dry, flaky, dead skin. Treatment is completed by deeply hydrating and nourishing the nutrients back into skin with specialized massage techniques, organic body butters and oils that will leave you smoother than a baby’s bottom.

60 Min $95/ Member Price $81.00

Tru Body Wrap

Our Tru Nature Wrap allows you to rest and relax while we exfoliate and hydrate your body from head to toe. Next, we wrap your body in a thermal blanket that feels like a warm cocoon that will heat up and flush out toxins, sooth sore and tight muscles and hydrate your newly exfoliated skin.

75 Min $135.00/ Member Price $115.00

The Tru Body Detox

The Tru body detox focuses on detoxing the body for head to toe. Your treatment begins with our 30 Himalayan salt sauna that will open of your pores to allow the toxins to release from within the body. We continue our Tru Body Detox by with our signature dry brush cleansing / exfoliation process and hydrating your body with our 60 min signature massage and completing your body detox by wrapping you with a seaweed detoxifying body wrap to flush out toxins

$245 Member price $208.00

The Tru Bliss Experience

This unique treatment detoxifies, hydrates and sooths you from head to toe. Your treatment begins with our sauna detoxifying process that will warm up muscles and sooth sore joints, followed by a total body exfoliation treatment that will soften dehydrated skin. Next, we will melt away the stresses away with our 60 min signature massage. Once the body is nice warm and relaxed you are wrapped with a detoxifying body wrap, and are treated to a scalp massage with warm organic oils.

$265/ Member Price $225.00

The Tru Triple Threat Therapy

The First treatment of its kind! We specifically created a treatment that combines halotherapy(salt), heat, color, and massage therapy into one treatment. This unique treatment uses heat to flush toxins, sooth aches and pain in both muscles and joints. Color therapy uses colors and their frequencies to help align chakras that will help heal physical and emotional issues. The Massage therapy ties everything together that gives your body both a physical, emotional and spiritual awakening.

60 min $129/ Member Price $110

The Tru CBD Therapy

This unique massage is like no other. By using CBD oils from the finest caliber pairing it with a customized massage treatment has the power to banish chronic aches, pains, anxiety, depression and inflammation. By using the powers of CBD and massage not only helps to relieve pain but helps make you feel a world away.

60 Min $130.00 Member Price $115.00

Massage Add-ons

Hot stone $ 25

Aromatherapy $10

Foot Soak $40

Reflexology $49