My name is Lynette and I created Tru Nature Yoga & Wellness in part to heal myself of Stage-4 Metastatic Breast Cancer holistically and naturally. My battle began in 2012 when I found a lump in my right breast…I was terrified. This first diagnosis, Stage 3 Interductal Carcinoma, was treated with conventional medicine, chemo, radiation, a mastectomy, and multiple surgeries. When I was rediagnosed in 2015 with Stage 4 Metastatic Cancer, I was told, “It is NOT curable.” Wait, what? I spiraled into depression, unhealthy habits, and anger. I was suffering, my husband was suffering, and my kids, who didn’t understand what was happening, suffered in their own way. I felt helpless, hopeless, and planned my funeral.

Then one day, I received information about cancer patients healing naturally with food, herbs, supplements & meditation. I began to have hope. I deepened my yoga and meditation practice through Yoga Teacher Training and delved into studying the ancient philosophies. It changed me. I stopped planning a funeral and started planning to LIVE. Cancer and Yoga gave me a beautiful gift—a new perspective on how to LIVE beyond existing.

Tru Nature Yoga & Wellness Center is my way of sharing everything I learned (and am learning!) on my journey. I hope that Tru Nature continues to give the community a sacred space for them to find total healing for the body, mind & spirit.

All are welcome. Come practice with us and find your Tru Nature. You deserve it!

Learn to LIVE beyond existing!