Return to the Goddess Within:
A Shamanic Soul Retrieval Retreat

With Denise Saracco-Zoppi, Medicine Woman, Author, Heart Medicine Master, LMT, Ordained Minister

June 28 – June 30th on Halsey Island in Lake Hopatcong

Soul retreat.jpg

Life has a way of fragmenting us. Deadlines, work stresses, family emergencies, tragedies, and more create trauma in our souls. Many walk around life on auto-pilot just trying to get through the day, the week, the month, and the year. Time passes and we can forget to stop – to grieve what has happened – and to heal from it. When we are fully integrated with the fragmented parts and back in wholeness, we begin to live creatively again. We remember to enjoy our life again. We experience a wholeness and completeness within ourselves that gives us wings in our lives on every level.

This retreat is designed to be incredibly nurturing, restorative and rejuvenating in your mind, body and spirit. We will discover what in our lives has created such deep fragmentation and work as a community of sister goddesses in ceremony to call back those fragmented selves, heal them, and integrate them back into the present Divine Self.

To support our journey together, delicious healthy food will help to nourish our bodies provided all weekend by Chef Pat from Blue Moon Culinary (gluten-free, dairy-free, and other food sensitivities are accommodated). Restorative Yoga will be provided by Lynette from Tru Nature Yoga. Lush accommodations in a mansion on lakefront property will help set the stage for a healing weekend experience you’ll always remember.

This Retreat is for you if you are:
⁃ Ready to heal from trauma, grief and/or loss
⁃ In need of a restorative retreat away from your stresses
⁃ Wanting to explore your Sacred Self and Who You Are on a soul level
⁃ Experiencing challenges in opening your heart with yourself or others
⁃ Curious about how Soul Retrieval can help you


Friday, June 28th
3pm – Meet at Tru Nature Yoga in Lake Hopatcong to be shuttled over to the boat launch. Arrive at the island mansion. Settle in. Dinner. Afterwards, Opening Ceremony of Intentions.

Saturday, June 29th
9am – Breakfast
10:30am – Introduction of Soul Retrieval and the Spirit Helpers of Kuan Yin and Rose
1pm – Lunch
2:30pm – Setting the Stage for Soul Retrieval: Understanding why your soul parts fragmented, why they stayed away, and what they need for integration. 
6pm – Dinner
7:30pm – Soul Retrieval Ceremony
9pm – Integration Processing

Sunday, June 30th
9am – Restorative Yoga with Lynette
10:30am – Brunch
Noon – Integration, Sharing, and Closing Ceremony
3pm – Depart on boat and return to your cars at Tru Nature Yoga

There are multiple all-inclusive pricing structures that cover the accommodations, ceremonies, teachings, food, yoga, and boat ride expenses.

Gold Level – King bed with private bath – $859 for the weekend. Bring a Goddess to share the room with for an additional $299 and both of you save!

King Room Single Occupancy

King Bed Double Occupancy

Silver Level – Queen bed with private bath – $799 for the weekend. Bring a Goddess to share the room with for an additional $299 and both of you save!

Queen Bed Single Occupancy

Queen Bed Double Occupancy

Bronze Level – Two twin beds with private bath – $599 for the weekend per bed. Bring a third Goddess to share the room with for an additional $299 and all of you save!

Twin Bed Single Occupancy

Twin Room Triple Occupancy

Purple Level – Two bunk beds with private bath – $499 for the weekend per bed.

Bunk Bed Single Occupancy

Blue Level – Dorm Room twin bed with shared bath – $399 for the weekend per bed.

Dorm Room Single Occupancy

Green Level – Goddess Sleepover Style – (sleep on living room couches or in sleeping bags on the floor – bring all bedding you require) – $249 for the weekend each person.

Sleepover Style Single Occupancy