Spiritual Healing

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Harmony Sessions

1-hour healing sessions are a catch-all for lighter healing work including:

  • Chakra Rebalancing

  • Reiki/Crystal/Accupressure Healing

  • Learning how to Journey the Shaman’s Way

  • Clearing energies of stress, anxiety, other people’s energy from your energy field

  • Limpia Ceremonies (Peruvian Aura Clearing Ceremony working with Egg and Cedar)

  • Guided Meditations

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl healing

A Harmony Sessions is right for you if you feel you need:

  • An energetic “tune-up”

  • Help clearing your auric field (feelings of grumpiness, stuckness, anxiety, racing thoughts, etc.)

  • Anxiety

  • Rebalancing/Centering/Grounding

    60 Minute $105

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Past Life Regression – The Shaman’s Way

Have you ever wondered why you’re afraid of someone or something without having a reference this lifetime as to why?

Do you remember who you are as a Spirit throughout the lifetimes? Or are you ready to remember your Divine Self, your Soul Lineage, and your sacred soul purpose this lifetime?

Have you always been haunted by something that seems to have been there since birth?

Do you have toxic relationships that cycle without resolution?

Or are you simply curious to explore who you were in other lifetimes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Shamanic Past Life Regression might be for you!

We open a space for the Sacred to enter, and state our intention for you to enter the portals into memories of your other lifetimes. We guide you through the process, journeying together to explore the hidden memories to unlock healing applicable to this lifetime.

Past Life Regression sessions are approximately 90 minutes in length. They can be integrated into a Shamanic Healing Ceremony or a stand-alone service. 

90 Minutes $153

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One-Hour Shamanic Clearing Ceremony

For those who simply wish to receive the Medicine, this Ceremony is for those who feel burdened, emotional, stressed, or are ready to release all that no longer serves them in their lives.  We ask for your healing intentions and head straight into Ceremony on your behalf.  Prayers will be spoken on your behalf while we create sacred space.  Afterwards, we completely surrender to the Sacred and channel the Medicine just for you.

Medicine songs sung directly to you by the healing spirit, rattle doctoring, drumming, sacred smoke medicine, flower water ceremony, and more may be used during the session.

Sessions are about 1 hour at length.

60 Minute $100